Can I see details about my Page's videos?

 Can I see details about my Page's videos?
To see insights for all of your Page's videos for a given time period:
  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Videos on the left
Keep in mind that not all video insights data will be available before September 2016. For more information, go to Facebook Newsroom.
To see insights for an individual video:
  1. Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page
  2. Click Video Library on the left
  3. Click a video
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From here, you can click sections on the right to see more details about the video's performance. For example:
  • Minutes Viewed: Minutes the video was watched from your Page's post, in posts the video was shared in and in crossposts.
  • 10-Second Views: The number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds, or for nearly its total length, whichever happened first.
  • Audience and Engagement: The number of reactions, comments and shares, and for videos with at least 100 views, audience demographics.

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