Instagram account Login – How to create an Instagram account

Instagram account Login – How to create an Instagram account

Instagram is also known as IG. It is a social network for sharing of photos and videos, this social platform and Facebook are closely related, and thus they are linked. Instagram was created by Kelvin Systrom in partnership with Mike Krieger. Kelvin York Systrom was born on December 30, 1983, and is an American programmer; he was born in San Diego California by Diane an executive at Zipcar in marketing who was also a vice president in human resources.

Instagram account

Instagram (IG) was launched in October 2010 for iOS, but this was enough to suit the manufacturers so they went further to mechanize this same site for android. They released Instagram for Android devices in April 2012 along with a limited website structure on November 2012. Apps were later released for windows 10 and windows mobile in April 2016. Instagram allows its users to upload videos and photos which can be edited with various filters setup and also organized with tags and information of the upload to this service.

Instagram account has a freeware license, Instagram post can be shared publicly or with people who follow you. Other contents can also be searched and viewed by tags and locations. This process can also be adapted to follow other people to add their content to your news feed. Instagram became more popular after being launched in 2010 with one million users in just two months.

Instagram Account – How to create an Instagram account

Here, I will be telling us how to create our very own Instagram accounts on any type of device. An Instagram account can be created from the net, an Instagram app on iOS, an Instagram app on windows, an Instagram app on android, an Instagram app on windows mobile.

How to create an Instagram account using the app

  1. You have to download the Instagram app from your device app store or google play store, or Microsoft store
  2. Next, you must install the downloaded app on your current device
  3. Now launch the app
  4. You don’t currently have an account so hit the signup with email or phone number button. You then edit the field of the phone number or email with your desired information and click on next. (note this will require a code of confirmation) to skip this you can also login with your facebook account
  5. In case you used email or phone number, you’ll need a username and password
  6. Fill all fields with the required information and click done

How to Create an Instagram Account From the Web

  1. On your mobile browser go to www.instagram .com
  2. Fill in your email address or phone number and hit the signup button. Now ill the fields with the required information. You can also decide to register with facebook.

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